Girl cancels and asks to switch the date to next week?

This girl and I planned a date during the week, she cancels due to something unexpected coming up. She asks to do it next week. I said that's fine and told her what days I was available and I have weekends off. Hopefully she will get in touch with me to let me know. If she cancels next week what do I do in that situation? I feel that she likes me or is at least interested because it showed when we first met. Is she interested or too shy to go out on a date?


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  • For now, I'd give her the benefit of the doubt and go with the idea that something actually came up. If she cancels again, I'd chalk it up to dealing with a woman that isn't honest enough to just say she doesn't want to go out with you for some reason. If you really want to go out with her, tell her "call me if you want to go out sometime" and leave it at that. (Just don't be an ass about it if you really want her to call sometime. Keep the offer casual) It's possible she's truly that shy but I would think that would have shown up when you first asked with a simple "Thanks but no thanks". If she's playing some kind of game, do you really want to get involved in that drama? Hopefully she just had something come up that she couldn't get out of, or perhaps was so excited to go out she forgot a previous commitment she had made. Best of luck to you. *S*

    • Thanks for BA vote. Hope it works out for you!

    • It makes sense though. I found out through a mutual friend of ours today that she is kind of a recluse in a way, I guess to protect herself from past events. How am I supposed to draw her out so we can actually get to know each other? The interest is there but I'm confused about her actions lately.

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  • If she bails out again, take it that she is "not that into you," and may have had a change of heart---on top of a change of plans. In that case, move on, forget her, and find someone who you can plan a real date with who appreciates a guy who is" available on what days and has weekends off." Girls can be just as fickle as guys, sweetie.

  • I dated a guy like that for about a month he was really flaky. He would always plan a date then say he wanted to spend time with his family/that his dad asked him to work unexpectedly/something random. Mind you he asked me for MY number and he was the one that asked ME out repeatedly.

    If she cancels again I say stay in touch with her and everything but don't give it too much thought or drop anything and see her or anything like that.

    Sadly some people just have better things to do.


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