Do you feel obliged in making text conversation?

I went out with a guy once, but we will be apart for a while so we're texting each other to keep in touch and maybe slowly getting to know each other as well. Due to work and time difference we don't really get to text that much, but still it's hard finding something good to talk about.

Lately, or the last few messages, I've been feeling like I'm the only one asking questions, so naturally the conversation reaches a dead-end... this only happened twice, but it's like whenever I give up and just make some comment which doesn't even need a reply from him anymore ( the perfect chance for him to run away from a boring conversation, right? No need of being polite) he manages to find a reply to that and asks me something else! That means the ball is again in my court and the conversation keeps going because I wouldn't ignore a question!

I don't understand why he would do that since he was the one who seemingly didn't wanna talk with me anymore? It's so confusing.

I should add that we're having regular conversations, no flirting texts and stuff like that.

Did you ever feel obliged to continue a conversation with someone like this?

I know this is a stupid issue, but please bear with me...

Like I said 2 days ago, he asked my opinion on something that I actually understand pretty well. As this is texting, I tried to keep it short and funny and asked about other stuff of his. A day later, he basically replies that he thinks it will be a good experience for him either way and a smiley. No answer to my questions.

Tbh, I don't know what he wants. Why ask if my opinion isn't valid and you intend to end the convo anyway?
Maybe it's just his personality or maybe it's me overreacting, but makes me feel boring and like I can't really talk to him, even as a friend.

It leaves me with 3 choices I guess:

1. I just ignore it and don't reply at all

2. I reply acknowledging his text, but very shortly, almost just polite

3. I continue trying to make conversation.

I'm obviously torn between one and 2, but help me getting a different pov? I just don't get why he keeps on texting, but maybe just for a social contact?


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  • Yeah, I think it's just natural. If you feel that bothers you, maybe try and set up particular times. I just think he wants to stay in touch even if sometimes he doesn't feel like talking. And that happens, you know? I don't feel like talking to people 24/7 but if he didn't wanna talk to you, he certainly wouldn't put any effort into keeping it up. Maybe he's just tired :)

    • Yeah, I know what's like not feeling like talking to people all the time, specially someone you don't know well and you're not totally comfortable with yet.

      I was just getting the feeling he wasn't interested in the conversation, hence puzzled he would suddenly gain interest again... but thanks, what you said helps me seeing things from a brighter perspective =J

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    • I honestly think you should straight forward ask him about it to avoid misunderstandings. You can always avoid him later if he gives you a bad reply.

    • I ended up asking him because it felt childish just ignoring him... so far he didn't reply and maybe he never will. Maybe it was too early for that kinda discussion too, but considering the options...

      Thank you!