How to reschedule a date because of me being sick?

I have a date today (in 10 hours) but I'm sick (possibly food poisoning). I've been vomiting a lot.

I don't want to get my date sick.

How to reschedule my date?

What to text her?

I called her and told her that I'm sick. She was super cool about it. We are going to hangout next Sunday. Thanks guys


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  • 1st. Don't text; call. It's common courtesy.

    2nd. Do it as soon as possible and don't wait until an hour before the date.

    3rd. Set up a time for the rescheduled date.

    4th. Apologize profusely and be sincere about it.


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  • Call her soon as possible, and don't ever do it by text. Depending on how well you know the girl, you could call and have her come over to your house, to actually see that your sick and just no using it as an excuse just to get out of the date. The closer to the date you wait to tell her your sick, the less she is going to believe you and the more mad she will be.

  • Don't text her. Call her.