Boyfriend wants to go backwards.

I've been dating this guy, all my friends love him and my family does too. But tonight he told me he feels we are going too fast and he doesn't want to fall into the same trap with his ex ie getting serious before you really know the person. He doesn't want to stop seeing me, see me less or go on less dates... He wants to stop being physical. No sex, no kissing, only hugs. I told him I would try but I know I can't do that and I feel like I'm gonna freak out just thinking about it. What do I do? I thought of not really being able to touch him really upsets me. Not just sex but I see it as bonding.


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  • The physical act of sex often gives each party involved a false perception that a meaningful bond is present between them. With that being said, it's likely that he wants to bond with you mentally and emotionally, without the influence of sex, to have the piece of mind of knowing that the bond he has with you is authentic and on multiple levels. If what he asking of you can be accomplished the relationship will have a greater chance of achieving longevity.


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