He kissed me on date 3 but not on date 4.

We kissed pretty passionately at the end of date 3, and he asked me out aggressively for date 4. We just had date 4 and at the end of it, I was expecting he would give me a goodnight kiss since he did that at the end of our last date, but he didn't even try to. Date 4 went really well and we already have plans made for date 5 (tickets he already bought us for an NBA game)... but why didn't he want to kiss me again on date 4? :(


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  • I agree with the Anon girl answerer: He's probably shy.

    The fact that he waited to date 3 is already a sign that he's not aggressive. He may have had to work himself up to kiss you the first time, and the second time for whatever reason he felt too nervous. Maybe like snowboarder720 said, he wants you to show you like him too. Some girls will let you kiss them, but they don't kiss you because they're not THAT into you, and they don't know how to let you down, so they hope you'll get the hint. Make sure he knows you like him:

    Prolonged eye contact, find opportunities to touch his arm while talking to him, or even his leg if you're sitting, just a brief touch is enough, and make your hand linger when breaking apart from a hug. And definitely hug him at the beginning of the date.

    Also, dress a little sexy, so he knows it's a date date, not a friendly hangout.


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  • he might have been waiting for you to make your move.

  • I don't think he's shy. If he was a shy guy he would not have aggressively asked you out for date 4 and certainly not made plans for date 5, it may have just slipped his mind or he was waiting for you to make a move. If it's bothering you, maybe you should playful mention it to him. See what happens


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  • he sounds like my guy (in shock).

    no joking , I think he could be shy...

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