He treats me like a toy or thinks "I'm out his his league" or what?

the guy has been staring at me for 2 years,he barely approaches me and is shy sometimes.when he stares I mean All the time with eye contact and all,sitting next to me. (he's not shy with others,tho)

But during this last 2 years he has been dating 2 girls.last year and now.

So I just don't get it, why he makes me think that he likes me and then dates others.

when he broke up with 1st girl he came back to stares and showing some signs,he said to a mutual friend that he thinks I'm the prettiest girl in class.

But then, again, he started dating the 2nd girl.

why he's so confusing?


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  • The male ego can be quite fragile. The fact is, many guys are tentative about pursuing attractive women and will opt to pursue a normal girl so to speak to increase their chances of getting a date. That being the case, I'm assuming your guy had every intention of approaching you, but decided against due to his belief that he has a small chance of dating you. Oh, by the way, staring at you and sitting next to you was his way of putting out feelers to gauge your interest level in him. Did you flirt and otherwise reciprocate his efforts? If not, perhaps it explains his inaction.

    • no actually I didn't flrit with him and that's why I'm also confused about why me,because I never gave him any signs. wait,once I wanted to talk to him and he ignored me.

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