When are guys serious about a girl?

So if your dating someone what are the signs that they are wanting a relationship and not just a bit of fun?! I've been on dates before and it seems like as soon as I eventually sleep with them they kind of just want to either keep sleeping with me or are not interested.

I'm seeing someone now so I don't want to sleep with him cause I'm scared that once he's "had" me, he won't be as interested ?


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  • He won't keep asking you for sex/persuading you to sleep with him

    After you have sex with him he will still stick around you and won't avoid you for ages afterwards

    He will talk about his personal, 'deeper' feelings with you

    He will introduce you to his parents

    You can tell he is happy and comfortable to be seen with you in public

    Texts you frequently and shows a genuine interest in your life

    He talks about the future a lot (not just his own career goals)

    There are a few more standard rules but that's all I can think of off the top of my head, you can Google your question also to get pretty solid answers


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  • It's difficult. It takes experience to recognize the signs and wisdom to make the right calls at the right times to avoid getting hurt too much, and both these things require you to take risks.

    There are some general signs, but those are only indications. There's things like nervousness and the willingness to say things that you might not like to hear for the sake of remaining honest. It's also a good sign if they're prepared to make themselves vulnerable, by telling you something personal, something they wouldn't share with just anybody.

    Hope it helps, and good luck. :)

  • Does he respect your career choice?

  • When girls deserve to be taken seriously.


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