Is there still a chance with her?

A female friend of mine had started hanging out at the end of last summer. Things were going good for awhile, but then it kinda started to get dull. Stopped calling/texting. I haven't seen or heard from her since. Last night I accidentally texted her at 1am, I was asleep. So when I wake up I see that I got a text from her asking,"Who's this?" So I send her a reply,"Hey, it's ___. Sorry, I must butt dialed you." Shortly after she responds,"oh cool, happy new year then". I know if I got a text from someone I had something against, that I wouldn't reply back, so that tell me she is at least accepting of me.


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  • Yeah she was just being nice but how good of friends were you? You should try an have a normal conversation and then hang out.

    • It was a new friendship..but I felt as though it was pretty deep seeded. We could talk about anything. Ther was a feeling of mutual trust.

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  • i don't think that should be the basis of any indication that you have a chance with her.

    a lot of people would reply to a text from a number they don't know, simply because they are curious. It may be a building block to start working on rekindling a friendship but I think it would be wrong and unwise to presume that you have a chance with her because she responded to your text and wished you a happy new year

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