Please help me out. Should I text him? Please pleas please.

I asked it before, and please give me more opinions please.

I always and the one who text first.

Trust me, I didn't obsessively text him everyday.

I text him "Good luck" on game days (once a week) since 2 months ago.

We are on school break for a month. And I texted him only twice. First was the beginning of the break, and the second was just to merry Christmas to him.

And we texted for and hour before and 4 hours 3 days ago.. (we didn't text back each other right away though. It took us 10-30 min to text each other back) The conversation was smooth but not that much funny. He didn't ask me questions though. And he stop texted me back later (my text didn't need the reply though).

He didn't text me back 3 times.

When I texted him "Good luck," he always texted me back "Thank you!" and that was it. I needed to start the conversation if I wanted to.

And he told me he's not a texter. And I think he told the truth because his friends and sister complained that he never texted them back on his Facebook.

! So today is the game day. Should I still text him "Good luck" or just leave him alone?

P.S. I didn't text him for 2 weeks = and he NEVER texted me first.

Please don't tell me to talk with him in person. I will if I have a chance.

I know everybody like "Good luck" text.. But I don't want to seem dumb and desperate to keep texting him.

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Is it a bad sign that he doesn't like me?


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  • Don't text him for a couple of days to see if he is really interested. If he is, you WILL hear from him. I think he might not be that into you, if you are always the one texting first. Or maybe he just isn't big on texting as you mentioned..


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  • You should voice call him. Maybe schedule some face time.

    Yeah, he probably doesn't like you. He would pursue you if he did.


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