"A girl like you can date a powerful man without an elite education."

I just came from the worst grad school interview ever. I'll finish my undergraduates in summer and am currently applying to grad schools.

I'm also, independently from that, met my boyfriend a few weeks ago and he took me to an event where I happened to meet one of the admissions officers.

So I've had an interview today with him. I thought it went fairly well actually, until the very end. He was like "well your CV look promising, but I hope you understand that our programs are very competetive... clearly though a girl like you can date a powerful man without an elite education "

I didn't even say anything to that, I didn't know what? He makes it sound like I'm some kind hooker.

I met my boyfriend at a hockey game. I know makes good money and he also told him that he published a book. So apparently he is kinda known in the academia of economics. But most people wouldn't know him. I didn't at least and I'm not dating him for his money or status. That's really offensive. What would make someone think it's OK to say that?

Should I like complain with the University? Should I even tell my boyfriend about it?


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  • The guy sounds like a jerk and I have little respect for him, but I would have even less respect for a woman who tried to ruin that guy's career out of spite or vindictiveness for what he said.


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  • It's your word against his, so nothing will happen if you complain. He can just deny it. It will look more like you are trying to cheat the admissions systems by claiming some sort of mistreatment and also show you have thin skin and can't take criticism. So how could you ever deal with the politics of graduate school or handle endless rejections from journals when you try to publish your work?

    • But it's not criticism if he had said "I don't appreciate it when people get interviews through connections they have to the University" but didn't say anything like that. And what he said instead was very inappropriate.

      I get the point of my word against his, but it doesn't exactly show character to just take the comment either.

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    • I am applying to med school, it's not about money for me. Even if it was and he commeted on it, I wouldn't mind so much. That's not what his comment was about though. It was about me dating a wealthy guy and if I can do that now why go to med school then? What he is saying is that if you can marry well, why get an education.

      I ignored his comment at the time, but filing a complaint isn't getting revenge. By the end of the day he is representing the University and badly so

    • Well then either roll with the punches or go to a university that you feel more comfortable at if you get accepted. You'll likely face a lot more hits to your ego as you progress through med school and during your residency anyway.

  • Just keep it pushin. Don't worry about it. Laugh and go on about your life.

  • you can tell your boyfriend about it, but I would just move on unless you reall reaaaalllly wanted to go there just go on to the next grad school of your choice.


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  • id complain tbh, he basically said you're dumb but its OK because you're pretty enough to gold dig a rich guy