What would cause this person to suddenly act so cold out of the blue?

I am currently in college and I have this co-worker who I thought was very friendly and charming, but he has(d) a girlfriend. He works in a different department however so I only see him once in a while. He eventually added me as a friend on Facebook & somehow found and followed my instagram. We never really talked but we'd always smile at each other and say hi. Over the recent Christmas break he messaged me and asked me to hang out though I couldn't because I live too far away. but he did give me his number and we texted all day for three or four days after that. The last message ended with him mentioning his plans later Christmas night. After that, nothing...I just figured, oh well it happens, mage he's busy.

But here's the weird thing. I came back to school two weeks later, still never heard from him but I did see him on campus. I noticed him in a line-up and I know he saw me because we made eye contact, and I smiled. However he didn't and as he left the line, he turned his back to me...What happened? If he had a girlfriend and just wanted to be friends, why would he just start acting weird? He also hasn't been at work the past week...

To be honest I'm not sure what his relationship is currently, and I did text him last on boxing day but he never replied, I left that detail out


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  • Does he HAVE a girlfriend, or used to? You aren't clear about that.

    When you were texting back and forth, did you ever text him first or always wait for him to hit you up? If the latter, that and turning down an opportunity to hang out said "not really interested," and he dodn't want to try anymore.

  • The guy added you on Facebook, researched you on instagram, and asked you to hang during Christmas break. In my opinion, his actions suggest he wanted more than a platonic relationship with you and therefore he mistook your inability to hang as a personal rejection of actions that he perceives as overt advances towards you, which is likely the cause of his coldness. You did nothing wrong, though, you could have text him instead of waiting for him to text you.


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