She has a boyfriend. How should I act around her?

There is this woman I am interested in. The problem is that she's seeing someone. Not really sure if it's serious or not, and frankly it doesn't really matter. She's off the market.

Now, there are two rules of thought here. One says that I should continue to be her friend, text/call sometime, and generally stay on her radar screen. I would also ad that when I'm around her I can sense some chemistry between us. Obviously it's not more chemistry than she feels with her current boyfriend, or she'd be dating me instead of him. Maybe it's out of respect for my feelings but she never mentions him, or talks about him.

The second rule of thought is that I should essentially get out of her life because hanging out, or being her friend when she's not available will only make me seem anxious, pathetic, and is a sure fire way for her to move me into the "friendship" zone. This rule of thought suggests that if her relationship with her current boyfriend doesn't work out then she will eventually start dating again. And when she does it won't be one of her close male friends that she chooses to date.



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  • She has a boy friend

    End of story


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  • Ask this girl about her boyfriend, casually, like how long have y'all dated or something. She is probably just flirting.

  • It's up to you if you can handle being just friends. You may never have anything with this person

    maybe you will. You really never know what could happen. My friend just recently started dating an old friend who she used to see on occasion. It's really up to you if you want to stick around as a friend knowing it could only be that.


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