Help me understand this guy

Dating a few months, guys states he loves me but has a lot on his plate like looking for another job, his job is making him go to west coast for 3 months, etc. States he is not a player, just feels claustrophobic in relationships and needs his space due to his past relationships. He admits he is a little f'd up but is working on it. He says I'm awesome, he hasn't "made love" to a woman in 2.5 years but he does with me.

Thing is, I can't get him to take his dating profile down. He said he wants to keep it real slow with us. He said his insecurities make him leave up a dating profile, like a neurosis.

WTF is this about? My gut feels he does think I'm great and has feelings for me.

He also knows I can get almost any guy I want and states it. I put my profile back up and he gets annoyed but doesn't do anything for us to commit.

What is going on here. Frankly, I just think he is messed up.


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  • Whether he's genuine or not is hard to say and a little besides the point. Normally I say trust your gut, but the fact that he won't take a dating relationship down when he claims to not be ready to date is kind of a red flag. Wtf was he doing on one in the first place if he wasn't ready? He either doesn't know what he wants or he seems to think its OK to put you in a situation your unhappy with. Doesn't sound like love to me. And I'd say its really really rare for someone to give up their shot on love just because they have some issues.

    Bottom line is; He won't commit to you, you're confused and probably hurt. I think its time to move on and find someone that can provide you with what you need and want. As you both know you can find a new guy, probably a better guy with fewer issues.

    • Thanks. You are right, this guy will have a problem with whomever he meets. I asked him why he keeps it up. He says it helps him with his insecurities. Guess that is why he has never been married in his late 40's. I heard a great saying I want a guy who messes up my lipstick, not my mascara! lol

    • Nice! I've never heard that one before.

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