Texting and sending pictures?

Basically, this guy I don't know (friend gave him my #) asked for a picture. I sent one, and he didn't say anything about it but sent his in response. I didn't know what to say so I didn't text him back. Was he even interested? Should I text him?


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  • some guys don't have game and need some help from girls, as pathetic as that sounds, often times girls are more socially savvy than guys and embarrassing enough most relationships occurs because the girl had "balls" to make it happen, it is pathetic that guys don't know what to do but that's true on most cases.

    • So, he probably did find me attractive even though he didn't say it? I'm supposed to take the initiative?

    • You are not supposed to, he is, but like I say, most guys are dumb when it comes to dating, and yes he likes you if he send his pic.

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