Guys when you are in a new official relationship do you still check dating sites?

Do you still log on to your dating sites to see who viewed and messaged you? If so why? Just curious or maybe unsure of the current relationship? Also how long into a relationship do you keep checking those sites?

What if you are fb official would you still?


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  • I don't do online dating, but maybe it's possible they talk to people they became friends with? I know there are options on a lot of those site that say stuff like just looking for friends/to meet new people/chat. Maybe they're not shopping, just keeping up with people they met?

    • If you're just having casual sex with someone, then that's the limit of your relationship. They can go find other women all they want, date and bang other women at the same time as you, and eventually cut you off if they find a girl that is relationship material who is working out for them.

    • I know that I'm asking ab if you are in an official exclusive relationship

    • My answer is in response to an exclusive relationship and my comment is in relation to fuck buddies (fb)

  • Sure. Until we decide we're exclusive, why not?


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