Should I call him or wait?

Ok we like each other. We made out. He called me on valentine's day and I didn't pick up, because I missed it and I was busy with studying to call him back, so I called him back another day. I thought he was going to ask to hang out, but he said he was sick and I kind of doubted it, because he asked me why I didn't pick up when he called him, I told him why I didn't, and he said he'll call me on the same week, but he didn't....Should I call him myself or wait? I feel kind of terrible of how it turned out this way :( does it make me seem mean to him?


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  • It's probable he thought you didn't pick up because you didn't want to and the reason you said might just sound like an excuse to him (I understand you completely I miss half my calls and people tend not to believe me although they have come to get used to it. Heh).

    He probably said he was sick that day because you hurt his ego, but if he didn't call then maybe he wasn't that interested or maybe he's waiting for you to call him again to see if you really do like him. I say text him to see how he's doing, it'll show interest and you won't come off that strong, see how it goes from there. Good Luck. =)

    • Do you think I should text him? I never call him and sometimes he mentions that and says that I should call him. But when I text him he almost never texts back.

    • Well if he is complaining about your lack of calling he probably is interested and would like for you to show you are too. If he usually doesn't text back, I say call him, just to see how he is, maybe you'll even get asked out. ;)