Can people be completely different in person?

So I met a guy online, he was super cool and we just clicked but I messed that up by insisting we need to be friends, by the time I changed my mind about it, realising how suited we actually are, it was too late. So now I'm planning on meeting a different guy I met online, we do click and have a lot in common but he doesn't make me laugh like the other did. Saying this, all of our chat has only been via text, should I still meet him and see how we get on in person as people can be completely different, text can be read out of context, I may as well take the risk if only for the experience? Or should I go with my gut instinct? what would you do?...(and please don't suggest I meet guys in person, it's really hard to do in my line of work plus the area I live in is filled with the kinda guys I'd rather stay clear of)


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  • Well I think you answered your own question: "I may as well take the risk if only for the experience". Yes, people can be different in person, but there's really only one way to find out. :P

  • Chat is a two edged sword. Unless the person is exceptionally well-read, and even then, multiple interpretations can really kill a conversation.

    If you aren't sure about him, ask his number, call him while hiding your number for 30 minutes, and you'll get far more hints about him.


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