What to do when girl is bailing on a date...again?

Girl is bailing on our first date again?

I really like that girl and was looking forward to meet her.

I made our first date plans before the new year but then she got sick. I couldn't meet her again for 2 weeks because of my travelling trip.

I made plans to meet her last Thursday but then it was my turn to get sick so I rearranged our date to Sunday. I called yesterday to confirm and she said yes.

This morning she texted me:

"Hi. How was your last night party? I think you gonna kill me but I can't meet you today because I'm feeling bad. I drank a lot last night. Can we meet on Tuesday or Wednesday? Sorry. Bye."

Should I be concerned or should I just meet her on Tuesday instead since she proposed to meet on Tuesday?


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  • I would give it one more try on the one of the days she suggested. It's quite possible that she truly doesn't feel well due to partying and needs to rest, it happens. Give it one more try. If she cancels again, then I would be concerned, but for now it just seems like you both are busy.


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  • Well it still sounds like she wants to see you so I would say keep Tuesday/Wednesday free. But I would make it a casual date. Doesn't sound like she's bailing on you just yet. If she bails on you this time then I would start being concerned.

    • Cheers mate. I know what its like being hangover so its actually a good thing lol. Plus she proposed to meet on another day.

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