Snapped at guy interested in?

Guy loves to text and calls/video chat who he wants. Things were ok; he text me at work and called at night. He say he job requires him to be on the phone 10hrs daily so he rather text in which I hate. He say I was nagging him about calling being he not a big phone person. How can you get to know someone if they don't call? One call my child, does not verbal, cried for 40min and he got mad at hung up in my face. I know it was wrong of me but I snapped and chewed him out bad so he has every reason to be this way now. I said I was sorry and he say lets be friends. The calls and texts stop and I don't like it. Haven't text or called him all day and sure he is wondering why. Should I tell him in a nice way I don't like this treatment or keep doing what I'm doing by not contacting? I know I was wrong but feel he is trying to get even with me.

Met guy online and he wanted to get to know me. Met him at house, didn't go in and 2 weeks of knowing him he asked me to be his girlfriend. I told him to slow down being don't know you. He text me 14hrs straight, never called in route home or on a break. I asked him why and say because he's not a phone person. My autistic child was crying almost a hr because his kindle fire died and had to charge before he can use it. Guy got mad and said, you asked me to call and you not saying anything and hung up.
the phone in my face. Made me real mad when he did that.


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  • I don't understand what happened. Could you what happened that made him mad?

    • It could be he is trying to get back at you. It's good that you apologized and I would hope that he would calm down after you did. You could try calling and talking this through so it doesn't happen again. Do you think he is patient enough to be around your child? I know that autistic children require a lot more patience and understanding than most people can manage. This guy doesn't seem to be the most understanding guy around.

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