How can I get him to kiss my neck better?

Guy I'm dating says he doesn't want to give me a hickey, which I agree because I don't want that either. But he gives me little pecks on my neck. I told him there's a spot on my neck that really turns up the heat but he just won't kiss it hard or bite it. That's like one of few spots that can make me O without having sex. I told him this but he still won't kiss it hard. He says he wants to be gentle to me but I like it rough.


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  • Some guys are not that good--or even experienced enough---to know HOW to please a girl. And also, maybe a bit shy to play "rough neck". My advice here is, be patient, GENTLY, keep working with him, and when making out, perhaps things will eventually get more "hot and heated". It is the same thing, too, when two people are in a sexual relationship. Foreplay plays a big part, but there are some men who are not into this, selfish for ONLY what turns them on, and leaves their partner feeling deprived and frustrated. I believe if they want to take on asexual relationship of any sort, be mature enough, no matter what it takes, to please not only themselves, but their partner as well.


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  • Show him how its done lol, kiss his neck the way you want him to do it to you and then, when he does it, give him some positive reinforcement. Be like "oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about" lol

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