Should I just delete him?

Hi guys

I need your advice on something...

Basically I met a guy on a weekend break 5 weeks ago. On the Friday night we ended up sleeping together and then again on the Saturday night...on the Sunday night he said that he wanted to take my number but couldn't because it was complicated (he has a girlfriend) but that he would add me on FB.

So a few days go by and I'm like fine it was a fling and I am upset as I did like him but do realize that nothing can happen because he has a girlfriend. So then he adds me on FB and since then we have been messaging/using the chat thing.

He keeps saying that he wants to come see me but that he can't and he is always saying nasty things about his girlfriend i.e. I don't want to be with her, she is jealous blah blah and I always say don't be nasty that's not fair...

So the other day he changed his profile pic to her and him and I am thinking yea he is just leading you on and saying what you want to hear to keep you sweet just in case something goes wrong so he can come and "see" aka s*ag me!

I know how silly I am being waiting around/talking to a guy who has a girlfriend and quite clearly no matter what he says he does want to be with her. Plus I hate the fact that I am chatting to someone else's bf...I wouldn't like the same being done to me and have always said that I have to much respect for other women and I would never be that girl :o(

So I guess what I want to know is should I just delete him as a friend and forget all about him? I am 26 and feel like I am acting like a child about this...I guess it's because I have never liked someone who has a girlfriend before and is attached...god I feel so bad for even admitting that but he is soooo cute but clearly not that much of a nice guy hey?

Any advice really appreciated x


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  • I think he's trying to sweet talk you into staying in touch with him while he clearly has no intention of breaking up with his current Girlfriend and hoping to well... screw around with you next to his GF. He's not worth your time, just move on and forget about him.


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  • Hes just looking for a good time...and that's what you gave him. Getting him in bed for the first two nights you met him wasnt a good strategy. Now that he knows you'll give it up, he wants to keep you in his back pocket for the next time he's away from his GF.

    Basically he wants to have his cake and eat it too.

    Tell his girlfriend!


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  • Delete and forget, yes. You'll get over him faster than you think and it is the right thing to do for both you and this guy's gf. You don't want this guy, believe me.