Texted him but now regretting it, how should I feel about this?

I saw my crush on Thursday night, while hanging out at a friends house. The entire night we snuggled, he would touch and lightly squeeze my knee, caressed under my knee, and laid his head on-top of mine. We had so much chemistry and everything was going really well. Well that night I texted him saying I got in okay, no response. No big deal. I texted him for the first time in three days last-night around 2am first just opening with his name, he replies after four hours with "yes?". So I responded with I couldn't sleep, he responded he couldn't sleep either and a "lol". I sent a cute picture of myself in my pajamas in bed wide awake. No response from him. Now I just feel stupid. I even dreamt about him responding all night. How should I feel about this? Any help is appreciated!

Saw him today! He said he never got the picture and seemed genuinely curious to what this picture was. So I guess it was just a technical thing. Nothing to feel stupid about, thanks so much for the responses, I actually needed to hear these responses anyway! Thanks so much!


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  • in and of itself I really don't think you did anything bad- but I think with the text he knows you like him. Id just let a few days go by and let him text you. Give him some time to absorb the night you shared and time to miss you.


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  • What you did was really cute.

    It was extremely impolite of him, not to answer when you said you had reached home safely.

    Just let him answer now. If he doesn't, he's a jerk and not worth your time.


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