Friends or more, advise needed.

Hello, new to the site, would love a little advice.

I'm 41 and quite down to earth but this has puzzled me.

I've been chatting to a guy of 35 for a month, our personalities match as does our outlook on life, our view's, we've both been through the mill and similar backgrounds. We called, text each other each day and talk for hours, we agreed to spend an afternoon together a fortnight later and got on so well, we had a wonderful time together, kissed passionately, cuddled, both said we want to see each other again. Since the afternoon, he has become a little distant, I do know he works a lot and has personal family issues and commitments, but his messages have become more friendly and and not as the used to be, he messages more of what he's doing and family, at the end he will ask how I am, the emmonics have gone from his messages and he's called only once since. Its just confused me a little and I did message to ask if things were OK even thou I know he's had a lot of stress of late and just assured him if he needed space its not a problem as I'm not one to inundate with messages and I put on a friendly term sorry if I'm not what your looking for or if you just want to be friends. He answered that I had been great in the way I have given him space and support and been so kind to understand and that he did deffinatly want to see me again, He's called since once but it felt kind of a little strained and there was no mention of see each other again. ... any advice would be helpful, he's a great guy and would really like to be there for him but don't want to push the boundries. Many thanks for any adce given. All the best to you all.


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  • There's not much info to go around here.. from what I can gather, he could be just really busy with his work or preoccupied with his personal problems. It's also possible that he lost interest but I don't see why he'd be like that unless he doesn't feel enough chemistry when you kissed. I don't think that's strong enough reason to lose interest all of a sudden though. Him being busy is more likely in my opinion.


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