Trying to learn from this situation.

Okay so I was dating this girl for about 3.5 months. We were going out, we got to the point where we got pretty intimate, the next step would have been sex. So after a while she was pulling away. So I spoke to her, she said she was dating just me but wanted to be friends first. Yet even after that we would go out on dates and still kiss each other and everything. So I asked again about it she told me the samething. I noticed a situation a little bit after that, that was suspect in terms of her being with someone else and in a predicament that is hard not to notice (in terms of being with another guy). We had gone on another date, where she then told me the same thing that she wanted to be friends, but wanted to know that I wanted me to tell her that I wanted to be with her. Then she just gave me a hug and that was it. So I confronted her about the situation and about a certain guy I saw her with. She got upset and told me that she said she wanted to be friends first, etc.. Then also denied being with that guy. So I don't know if I was wrong for being jealous and speaking up about it. I don't know if I messed up a possible good thing, or just saved myself from a lot of possible heartache later on down the road.

Now when I see her it is going to be very awkward. Also it is going to be hard to not feel a certain way. I just hate being played and put on the backburner.
Not to mention being lied in my face.


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  • The fact that she can't talk about dating the other guy while she's dating you is weird to me. I've dated 2 guys at the same time without having sex with both of them. But honestly is vital. You have enough respect to be open and honest with her, she should be open and honest with you. When you found out on your own that she was seeing another guy it was probably harder because you didn't hear it from her. She was being sneaky about it. Then she lied when you confronted her. I take honesty seriously. If she's going to lie now she'll lie in the future. Save yourself the heartache and move on. You'll find a good girl with enough respect for you to be honest with you.


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