I am stumped with this one

Ugh. I'm at the point where me and this guy are long over due for meeting up. We haven't met up due to distance and work, but also because I feel like since I've been doing a lot of initiating with him with everything else, he should be the one to bring it up and he hasn't. I also get a little annoyed that he rarely initiates texting me, but usually always texts me back if I reach out to him.

I feel like he does care/has interest. For instance last week there was a snow storm and out of the blue he texts me with "hey be safe" and then he tried calling me but I was sleeping. The next day he told me to be careful and what not. Like I said he rarely texts me first so I thought that was really cute. But literally this guy will go longer than a week without talkign with me if I dont' reach out to him. Makes me sad I don't if that is a good sign, but I also want to give him his space and acknowledge that guys aren't big with texting and whatever. Usually if I tell him to give me a call this weekend he usually does call me. But why can't he just call me without me saying anything?

All and all, I know we need to meet up. So should I just go ahead and ask him about hanging?

Also how long can you guys deal without talking to another person that you really like? I end up caving in and texting this guy usually within a week because I feel that's a long time as is, but I try to wait it out hoping he'll text/call me first


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  • It's supposed to be fun. It's not supposed to feel like work. If your relationship feels like work this early, I say toss him. Everyone wants love but don't be the kind of person who is so afraid to go without it that they trap themselves in a relationship that will never offer it to them.

    • Yeah I hear u. I been putting more effort into this one only because I had a good gut feeling with him. Been having some bad past experiences before him and he was like a pleasant surprise. But I dont' get him though.

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  • From my experience with a guy like this, long distance or not, if he thinks he "has you where he wants you," he tends to take THAT---and YOU--for granted. He appears to like you, but I think that if you "play that apple at the top of the tree", he will climb up even higher to try and "reach OUT to you a little more." I know these type of guys, and if he is really interested in you, really "into you," I think this is what you need to start doing MORE, and "nip it in the bud" so he can "start calling and texting without you having to say anything." As far as hanging, NEXT TIME, he calls or texts you FIRST, without you having to have had to remind him, go ahead and nonchalantly ask him "about hanging" out. No harm done. But let him FIRST, do the "initiating' with "thinking enough of you on his own" to "let his fingers do the walking" to to do this. Take things from there, sweetie.

    • I like your answer considering I thought I'd get nothing but negative answers from people. It is now day 8 of not talking so you are saying wait for him to reach out to me and bring it up? It has been a few months of us just talking I don't want to lose him and then we never meet up :(. I'm never good with this stuff.

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    • Yeah he has to respond to something like that. Thanks for your input I will be testing him out this week or whenever.

    • Yes.."testing the text.." And you are so welcome!

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