What do I do and why is he acting like this?

So I met someone-let's call him Brady. So we've been talking for a few weeks and all of a sudden he tells me he has heart problems. Fast forward a little bit, he had heart surgery a week ago and couldn't text me for a few days. When he finally does, he's much less happy and alive like before. But I get that he's on serious medication and just had surgery, so I'm not freaking out. But then Brady wanted to video chat with me and we did, but I had a close friend over and she was distracting me and he got mad and told me to go have fun with her. Then I got mad that he was being all pissy and I cut off the video. He texted me and we bickered for a little, but then he said to just video chat him when my friend left. She didn't end up leaving until later and I texted Brady and told him we'd talk tomorrow. He didn't say anything. I texted him the day after saying hi and he didn't say anything. Then I texted him yesterday and said "talk to me" but still nothing. I didn't text him today because now I'm really confused. The fight wasn't even that serious as to where he'd just stop takin to me all together. I don't know what to do now. I'm not sure if he had to suddenly go back to the hospital or if he's just done with me. Any thoughts on this?


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  • So my honest opinion is sounds like you were being a bit of a brat. I mean if you've only been talking a few weeks obviously he wouldn't just blurt out immediately that he has heart problems... He'd want to get to know you a bit better first, which is completely understandable. Now when he had to go for the surgery, he probably had to tell you sooner than he was ready to... Then there's the fact that to him you blew him off after he had his surgery which is when he was probably expecting you to be understanding and more caring than being distracted by your friend while chatting with him, and telling him you'd talk tomorrow. So that's not the response he expected obviously, I mean if you shared some personal info with someone that you were extremely sick and afterward they seem not that into you as before, what would you think? I have no idea if something else was wrong with him or not, maybe call with your number blocked and see if he answers? If still no pickup, call with your number shown and see if anyone picks up? But I'm not trying to be harsh with you or judge you, all I am saying is from the question description it seems you were a bit cold and insensitive, so if you care for him you should try to make it up to him somehow if he decides to talk to you again okay :) I hope he's alright.

    • I was going to give you some type of hate comment, but that actually makes a lot of sense. I've been told I have a problem with not caring or being OK insensitive, and that clearly showed up in this situation. You're pretty genius lol. Thanks for not holding back.

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    • You're welcome :) I texted him and told him that I realized how that whole thing came across wrong

      He's talking to me now about it. I didn't think I'd actually get help on this website but you're awesome lol. Thanks again.

    • Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I'm so happy for you girl! Glad he's alright too... You're welcome :)

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  • I know this is a tough one to do but just wait it out. If he takes too ling to reply and doesn't have a good enough reason why I'd say save yourself from someone who may be overly dramatic and very likely controlling or possessive.


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