Is something wrong if we barely talk outside of our dates?

He is in a high position at his firm and has a lot of friends/hobbies, and I can understand that he can get really busy... but even so, I believe he could make time to let me know he thinks of me? I don't know if he is being really slow, or he's just not actually interested me (even tho we're going on a date again soon). Should I be taking this as a red flag?

I have been on 4 really fun dates with him in the last month, and he got us tickets for a basketball game this week, and for each date, he would get in touch to plan and confirm. During the dates, we laugh and talk nonstop. But when we're not together, he'll only really reach out to me for making dates. We basically aren't in contact very much at all most of the time... (we'll only talk about once each week, only when he's trying to set up a date). Your thoughts please?


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  • Different relationships operate differently.

    I am from the extreme end of meeting my girl once a month. It took us 3 months before we got into the pace of texting nearly daily, but we still only met up monthly. Time constraints see.

    What you need to know is, when he does contact you, does he make an effort to arrange a date to see you? Is he trying? Is he sincere? When you're together, does he make the effort to focus on what both of you are doing on the date, and not get distracted by other stuff? Is the time he spent with you spent extremely fruitfully?

    Frequency of dating is really overhyped. Personally I hate meeting up too often, and prefer quality meetups than meeting up so often.


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  • Wow! I was in the same situation in my last relationship. But, all I can really say is that he most likely is into you, he may just be a little (not slow) but, rather, he might not know how to get out of the dating stage. How long have you two been dating?