If a guy is mad at you would he text you back?

I thought I had upset a guy I am seeing, he hadn't called like usual, so I texted him telling him I hadn't found his glasses he thought he left at my place and I hoped he was enjoying the beautiful weather.

He texted me back within 30 min telling me thank you for looking, and he hoped I was having a great day also and that he was going fishing.

so guys would he still text me back does it sound like he is mad at me

He hasn't been texting/calling like he usually does but he replied to my text. Hence the question


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  • No I think you're over thinking things. He doesn't sound mad, and I don't think he has any reason to be mad. Something else may be going on in his mind but I don't think it's something bad you did.


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  • It is far more likely that you (like most girls) suck at guessing a guys mood, and that you over think everything, and read too much into silence. (He hasn't texted in 30 minutes, oh no, he hates me and wants to dump me!)

    • yeah I agree with you on overanalyzing majorly. But he has been texting/calling me nearly everyday for the past 7 months and I haven't heard from him in two. In a womans mind that means something is up. I hope you are right though.

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  • He doesn't sound mad to me!

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