How to deal with this awkward double dating situation?

Im in an awkward situation.

Me and Dana were supposed to go on our 1st date - ice skating.

However, she just asked if we could go and watch a movie instead and if her friend Mary could join us since both of them wanted to watch Paranormal Activity. I said "sure". She also asked me to invite a guy friend which I gladly did.

The problem is that I've some kind of history with my date's friend. We've gone on a couple of dates and until 2 weeks ago we used to text a lot. But I stopped talking to her since she played hard to get.

I've also met Dana through Mary.


I really really like my date. She is a girl's version of me.

We are both comfortable with each other and I planned to go for a kiss.

Should I do still kiss her or would it be weird?

Should I be flirting in front of other girl?

I've never been in this situations before?


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  • This is a weird one because under normal circumstances, Mary would've told Dana that you had pursued her, and Dana would have probably become uninterested in you. Seeing as that hasn't happened, it can be assumed that either Dana doesn't know you and Mary have dated, or that she does know and doesn't care.

    Either way, keep doing what you're doing. Enjoy her company and see where it goes. If it comes out later that Dana didn't know about Mary and you dating, tell her it wasn't a big deal and it didn't eventuate into anything because of lack of connection. Reassure her that it's her you're into. It might be a bit awkward, but it shouldn't be a drama.


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