Girls, what would be going through your head if.

You have liked this guy for years now but have never had the chance on dating him/being with him because of some factors such as distance, religion, culture, etc ...

On top of that you haven't been with or dated any other guy during the mean time.


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  • I used to like this guy who also liked me and I still care about him and think about him from time to time but there is no sense of urgency - I don't feel that I NEED HIM - and even though I'd appreciate him I don't feel that I have to have him. It make no difference to me whether I see him in 2 days or whether I see him in 10 years - (at least not at an emotional level) in real life I would not want to marry 10 years later than now. When I like somebody my love is timeless - it doesn't increase or decrease as the seasons go by.

  • Wouldn't trust him

    Resent his culture

    Would want little involvement with him

    And in the back of my mind I'd always feel like even if I was ever given a chance the thought of him outcasting me for his culture would always keep me in fear.

    When people, cultures,religions do things like forbidding certain communities to date within their own

    It creates the stigma that the person of that religion, community or cultural is better than someone who's not apart of that

    It's like the ultimate disrespect to a person.

    I've met many people of all different religions and cultural backgrounds.

    I won't say all but I've met a few who seriously uphold 3rd world values

    They always defend their antiques,sexism and bias with the culture excuse it especially annoys me when the American raised ones do it.

    Ironically, they get really offended when people judge back. It's a never ending cycle.

    Not saying culture or religion or any of that is wrong but many of those ancient traditions

    Weren't and will never be interchangeable with modern society

    There are just some changes people back then couldn't prepare for and would never expect to happen.


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