An old crush from 15 years ago.

So I met her by chance on this dating site, a few days ago.

I didn't contact her, after visiting her profile, as I thought it would be awkward (firstly I didn't recognize her, but when checking her profile, and seeing her other pics, it was her).

When we dated, back in the days, we never kissed. I wasn't ready and too shy.

Since that time, she never contacted me.

But she did the other day. We chatted a bit (like three messages), and it seems I've got a date on Saturday, for diner.

She's 39, and seems to be looking for a serious relationship which will lead to marriage and kids. And I'm just completely lost at the moment. I'm just out of a very bad relationship.

Am I doing whatever ? Women, would you just get back in touch ? Or would you expect something ?

I don't want to lead her on, nor make her waste time.

Actually, I'm just too confused at the moment, and can't think clearly.

Advice from women, please ?

Thanks for the reasonable advice :)
We met, there were signs of attraction during the whole "date", but we didn't kiss (even if it seemed to be expected). All this was a bit weird, all in all.

It made me think a lot, and I finally came to the conclusion it was better to leave distant past its memories status. So I told her we should stay in contact as friends, which she accepted too.


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  • It's hard to say, it could be both.

    It's been over a decade, both of you must have changed significantly. If I were in her shoes, I'd probably just want to catch up a little bit, and see how far you've changed in the last 15 years. And then I'd decide whether I want to start something again with you.

    Meet up with her, but don't call it a date just yet. Just as 2 old friends catching up. And when she ask you how you're doing, mention that you've just gotten out of a bad relationship and are not looking for another serious thing right now.

  • Tell her now before the date what you just told us--you just got out of a relationship, are confused, don't know what you want. etc. Do not go on the date unless she is OK with this. She is a women, she has told you what she wants, so yes, she expects a date that may or may not lead to more...but she has a right to know that you are not ready for any of that. Cause she is.


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