Good guy vs confused guy.. That's what well call them.

I go to this bar and there's a guy there who I've known for about 3 years now. He asked me on 2 dates in the past which I turned down because I was seeing other people at the time. Recently I was having a fall out with the last guy I was seeing so I went to the bar. My guy friend was there and we had a long conversation about everything and anything. The next day he messaged me asking me on a 3rd date. I finally accepted to see what he had to offer. That was 2 months ago and were still talking. He's a really really great guy. It seems like he will kiss the ground I walk on. He's respectful, a family man, and he makes me happy but he's not my type. I'm used to dating dominate "bad boys" with dark hair and dark eyes. His personality is different and his appearance isn't what I'm used to. He has blonde hair, green eyes. I don't want to hurt him. He's gaining my interest slowly but I can't stop thinking if the attraction wasn't there in the first place, will this last? Will I be attracted to him a year from now? Also the guy I had a fall out with recently called me and apologized. He wants to try again. I'm very attracted to him. He's also a good guy. He's just been through a lot and he backed off when he felt himself getting too close to me. He seems confused. I don't know what to do


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  • I don't know.

    My gut says, do not -hope- for attraction to appear when its not there, but don't be paranoid about it disappearing either, if it has grown. Your 'type' can expand as you're exposed to people, you just shouldn't -count on it- happening.

    Can't comment on the other guy really.


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