Anyone else have to deal with difficult small town dating scene?

not having much luck with this one , the local bar scene is terrible for dating , actually easy to meet people as there isn't that many people to meet at the bars and a lot of regulars week to week here but its almost impossible to date any of them and guys here are very desperate due to lack of available females as they all seem to be away at college or moved away / already married .

the online options are pretty limited and not really that many singles online here and it doesn't seem to be how people date here either most date people they know already from real life.

I also don't go to church so that isn't really an option either . and my job is in manufacturing so I don't really meet any girls at work , feel I'm running out of options , anyone else have to deal with this as well or have some suggestions ? there must be some way to change my luck and actually get some dates but really not sure how to go about it


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  • Yes, I had this problem for years. I was born and raised in a small town that's half an hour away from *anything*. All my exes pretty much know each other... even when I dated it's like in that type of environment where everyone knows everyone it's hard to get out of that 'friend group' or date within that group cause everyone is so close with each other.

    Everywhere I went I would see 5 people I knew (whether I want to see them or not... annoying most of the time) and the bar scene was pretty much just holes in the wall with regulars.

    When I went out of town's to the big cities then it's mostly people I either don't fit in with, they are on vacation too from somewhere far away, or just never 'clicked' with anyone. I kind of just lucked out a few years ago and met my current SO at a 'friend of a friends' birthday party just outside of town and met him randomly while he was visiting (thank goodness he was like an unknown to our 'group' so I didn't have any preconceived notions about it haha)

    We eventually moved out together to a larger city and now live happily, but I never thought I'd luck out like that.

    It's really tough in a small town environment, I would suggest just getting out as much as you can. You never know when someone you click with might visit and steal you away ;)


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  • yes my town has 7000 with the surrounding areas it can be difficult

    • my town is actually bigger than that but its mostly a lot of older people / seniors that are moving here , sort of becoming a retired persons area and cottage destination during summer . not a lot to do rest of year and a lot of younger people have moved away as not a lot of jobs either . I also have a full time job now and even with that finding it hard to date here , though it be easy with the job but just isn't very many singles to even try and ask out and a lot of male competition for ones

    • Yep my little town has3 retirement homes and 2 or more elderly living complexes. The job market is so horrible that to live even in a relationship or with someone else, the only jobs you can get you have to work 2 each just to pay the bills and nothing else.

    • the job market was tough here too , the guys here are really desperate too . I've seen a few things at the local pub lately that were really bad . I was sitting at bar and this girl and her girlfriend came and sat beside me , this guy wanted to talk to them so bad he even offered me a free drink if I'd move over so he could sit beside them. like you wouldn't see that happen in the city

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  • Move to a big city.

    • I have tried to date girls from a nearby city that is an hour away but really not getting much interest , have been to some bars there but don't ever get any # and don't get any replies from that city when I message them on dating site , that option seems to have not lead anywhere but maybe they feel I live too far away to be an option for them to date