Do friends realize the "sparks" or possible relationship between two friends before they do?

Two of my friends and I were going to dinner and a movie last night

Let's call them and & A ( both males) and and I couldn't decide on a movie so we told A to choose he said its y'all's date so you 2 pick an& I said it is not a date

A then said yeah it kinda is a date

1. Why would he say that it was a date when it wasn't a date ?

2. Do and and I have feelings for each other that we don't see but our friend(s) do ?

Other friends have made comments but then said they are only kidding

And I didn't know what category to put this under so I just put dating


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  • Yea, for sure, especially if the two friends in question have been friends for a long period of time. Friends will probably notice potential for a relationship or the development of feelings by at least one of the two before they themselves do more because they don't want to acknowledge that they might be thinking about their friend as anything more than just a friend.

    Yknow what they say love is blind, which in a sense would sort of apply to this situation :P I myself have two times developed feelings for a friend, in one case for which I refused to even acknowledge this change in how I looked at them for more than 6 months.

    • I want to be more than friends problem is I'm not sure if he does or not

      And I don't want things to be awkward and weird

      You know what I mean ?

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    • I do flirt. But since I've never had a boyfriend or been this close to a male friend I don't know how to tell if he is flirting back

      One of my friends saw a picture of us together and said we would be a cute couple and his older sister told me to ask him because she thinks we would be a cute couple

      Idk what to do

    • Try not to over think it, sounds like things are going not that bad. Be patient and I'm sure everything will fall into place, not all relationships have to start right away :)

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  • It could also be likely that friend B has said something to friend A in regards to how he may feel about you. It's normal, actually, for friend B to be shy and friend A to kind of subtley help.

    That or you two just act real cute together. I have a friend (female) who acts real flirty with me but we would never date. Our friends like to tease about it though all the time. One even took a snapchat of both of us together, drew a heart, and sent it to everyone.

    • You sure you would never date? I bet you she would fuck you

    • Im with sep on this one. Unless she's attached to someone else, there is probably something there.

    • Hey now I never said we haven't hooked up. I just said we would never date. Well, she's not someone I would ever date, at least.

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  • yes it is totally possible. I had my one friend tell me on several occasions that she could tell when a guy and I were interested, and since she's kinda brazen she'll invite the guy over to her place when I'm there, sit us both down in the kitchen, and say "you two know why you're here. I'll leave you alone to chat." and then she goes in her room and leaves us there. works every time.

  • I think that it is possible when people are willing to see what is in front of them.