Would you ever date someone with the same name as your ex?

I know it's a completely difference person but it made me think of my ex way too often, I didn't really bother me but I just noticed myself thinking of them more than usual.


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  • Yeah that would be weird or kinda uncomfortable especially if its a recent ex or the ex has a unique/not so common name. but I'm pretty sure you'll get use to it. I would date a guy with the same name as an ex. It will probably bring back memories at first but after a while it won't have any relevancy.


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  • Yes I would,as long as he doesn't have the same 'characteristics' with my ex.

  • WOULD YOU? Tell us why or why not.

    • Yeah tell us. We are strangers that you will never ever meet.

      Like talking to someone on an airplane flight.

      But we wanna know!

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