Guys and girls, pregnant and broke up by text?

Long story short... Casual dating for 6 months. Got serious with an accidental pregnancy. 2 weeks post hardest day of my life...and family introductions, I get a lame excuse for a breakup by text! Frankly I was relieved, but extremely hurt by the disrespect associated with his chosen method to end this. With 5 or 6 words by text! After everything we went through together... And I will be forced to remember it forever because of the circumstances. We're both in our thirties. With mutual friends. And have known eachother for a few years now. This was a very open scenario and until then he had never treated me with such disrespect.

I might be mad at myself for not speaking up and voicing this. I don't want or expect a change in outcome. But I want him to know how cowardly he was...and how much it hurt and embarrassed me. I just don't think I can face him in the future if I don't. I mean if I don't have respect for myself, then who will? But I don't want to create unnecessary drama among friends either.

But I look like an idiot. And allowed him to treat me with such disrespect without the bat of an eyelash.

Do I bother? We will be forced to be around one another in the future. There is no disappearing from one another.


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  • If there wasn't a pregnancy involved, it would be one thing... But this completely disgusts me. I do not understand, either, why someone would treat you like this. Unbelievably immature! He does not sound worth the energy, anger, or resentment. In my opinion, your best bet is to have as little interaction with him as possible. When you see him, treat him as though he is a stranger, polite, but with no additional anything. I'm not sure what your plan is as far as the pregnancy(maybe I missed it), but if you plan to keep the child, there needs to be some type of conversation about how he would be involved... Judging by his actions, I'd personally want little to no involvement from him. Not the example I want to be setting for my kid. Since abortion has been brought up, get ready for some anonymous pro-lifers to nag at you. But remember it is YOUR decision. You are a grown woman and know what's best for you.

    If he is like this in his thirties, there is next to no chance for change, and like yopyopyop said, it's like talking to a brick wall.

    But ultimately it is your choice. If you decide to confront him, just make sure to do it tactfully without name calling.

    So sorry this happened, and good luck!


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  • No, do not bother. It will never get you the satisfaction you desire.

  • Sorry about what happened to you.

    Isn't abortion an option ?

    Otherwise, tell that to your friends. Don't do unnecessary drama.

    It's one thing that it didn't work between the two of you, it's another one that he ran away like that.

    • I'm not worried about the abortion aspect among friends. I'm worried that I'm going to regret not saying something to him to let him know how hurt and disrespected I felt by it... Like I said I will have to face him again on occasion. I'm just shocked by his behaviour to be honest. There was no reason for it.

    • Oh I was talking about abortion regarding you or your beliefs.

      The problem with him acting like he did, is, even if you made a scene, would he care more ?

      Acting without any respect like this, he probably is one of these guys who just take what they want and don't care about the rest. You might just get hurt some more if he is absolutely deaf to your legitimate complains. I know that, it's what I had with my ex after the break-up, and it was like talking to a wall.

    • Good point. Thanks.

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