Don't you know your number?

I've been frustrated with my bfs past our whole relationship because I was a virgin when I met him at 18 years old and he was 19. He had been with... "4 or 5" girls. Now explain to me how he cannot remember how many... its not a million so is it sometime I should know about or are you truly just giving yourself room in case you remember later. Its been 4 years together and his story hasn't changed so I just let it go... but it bugged me why he couldn't commit to a number. I know everything about him and the major relationships he's had. there's his first girlfriend, the rebound who was like in love with him who got his name tattooed on her (They dated for a couple months but wasn't "official" then the girl right before me which he only dated for about a month... so if you count that's 4 girls in all. Why say there was 4 or so girls before me yet you can only "remember" 3? What is to hide? I already found out the worst... and its my standard of worse not his. I know this is petty Because its before me but does he think I'm stupid or something?

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  • I'm not sure how to answer you poll based on the way you phrased your question

    but I remember my number

    like you said if you've only had sex with 4 or 5 people you should rememberthem all. so it seems to me that he is not being entirely honest. If you go by the American Pie 2 theory you shuld divide whatever he says by 3 (and for a girl you multiply by 3).

    i'm 31 now and first had sex at 17. I've had sex with...six people. that took me about 7seconds to remember. if you truly have a low number it shouldn't be hard to remember the exact number


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  • Doubt anyone would lose track of it as long as it's single digit. Unless he's sincerely unsure if he slept with someone due to the effects of intoxication on memory. I personally don't know.

  • When a guy said he's had sex with "this many" girls, divide that by 2 and you get the real number


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  • If it was years ago then you really should let it go, at least he didn't say 25 or something. You're over thinking it. The fact that he is with you and that you have been together for so long should only matter, those girls don't matter to him anymore, the only one that matters to him, is you. We can't all remember the exact amount, maybe he honestly can't think that far back, he might of had a one night stand or two even. He slept with them before you, he has nothing to hide, I'd only be worried if it was during you. Just let it go. You're looking way too into it. He doesn't have to tell you every single little thing. When a guy has said to me like 6 or 7 I'm like oh OK. I don't think too much into it. We can't remember every little detail of our lives.