Why hasn't my F**k buddy texted to meet up?

So I have this fuck buddy that was my ex boyfriend years ago and now we have just been having sex every now and then for the past couple of years. We both are only interested in sex with each other when we are not dating anyone else. Anyway about a week ago he texted me and we got into our usual sexual texting about what we where going to do together and wanting to meet up, anyway he hasn't texted me since to arrange a meet up. what's up with him?


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  • i suppose he's busy, maybe talking to some other chicks or something.

    that is the hazard of a friend with benefit situation. it's really more like a business working relationship in that there is mutual benefits to each party but not much else obligation or commitment to each other


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  • Hmmm...I would say, from my experience, your friend, with benefits, is either "extremely busy" or---is "getting busy" with someone else he is with right now when----"not getting comfy with you," sweetie. That's what I think is "up."

  • Why don't you let him know you want to meet up.

    It's a two way street.