How do you stop an obsession such as dating?

I'm a dateaholic and I can't stop I like this guy then I like another next week next month?


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  • It is because you are still very young, imature and have a lot of learning to do. You are now in the stage in your life where you are very curious but you are not ready to settle down and have a boyfriend.

    The best thing to do is just concentrate on school and having fun with your friends and stop thinking about boys. There is plenty of time for them in the future.


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  • same situation here

    it's because we think we're too good to settle with one person for too long we're there's a lot of fish out there that we can catch

    people like us end up alone usually, or with someone that we don't care about

    how do you stop that, well I guess when people like us realize that we're not better than anyone else.


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