My mother is against me dating a 29 year old woman? I need advice urgently....

I am 20 years old and I'm currently going out with a 29 year old woman and she's totally against it,I don't know what to do I really like this woman but my mums on my back everytime! :(

Please give me some kind of advice! It's my life not hers!


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  • Older women are generally only looking for sex. Your mom knows this and is trying to protect you from getting hurt. Your mom is also going to take issue with her little boy being treated like a sex object from any woman. It just isn't the type of thing that is easy for a parent to accept. That said it is your life, and you need to make your own decisions.

    You need to learn to find the balance of respecting your mother, and living your own life. Maybe you could try dating this woman, without talking to your mom too much about her, or bringing her over. I am not talking about lying to your mom, just don't shove it in her face. Eventually the relationship will end, you will have had your fun, and won't have destroyed your relationship with your mom.

    However if you are still living with your mom, then she will still have some power over you. I doubt she would kick you out, but you do need to be prepared for you mom to be a burden on this relationship. Women never give up. You mom will never come around and be okay with this woman. Your mom will always be against it so the more you bring it up the more she will dig her heels in. The best advise I could give you is to not let your mom know much about your relationships.

    • Thanks for your advice.

      But are you 100% sure it will end,Shes such a lovely woman and nice :)?

    • No I am not 100% sure it will end, but I am certain enough that you don't want to choose her over your mother. Generally older women are not going to be able to respect a younger man as an equal on a long term bases. Anytime a problem arises in the relationship, the woman is more likely to blame it on your age, and your being immature, even if it has nothing to do with your age or maturity. If a woman doesn't respect her man, she loses attraction for him. So I would expect it to end.

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  • Why are you dating her, and why is she dating you? Are you always having safe sex? The answers to those questions will tell you if your Mom is full of it, or if you need to change something.

    Keep in mind that nobody is ever good enough for Mommy's Little Prince or Daddy's Little Princess.

    I dated a 36yo when I was 20 and we had a fookin blast. It was a temporary thing though. She taught me about life and how to make love so that a woman really enjoys it. I gave her a young boy toy that was always ready and enthusiastic about what we did. When we went our separate ways there were no tears. Oh. She'd had her tubes tied, so she wasn't getting preggers either. Extra safety margin and all that. :-)

    Don't rub it in your Mom's face, but you're an adult now or should be. Make your own decisions.

    • Oh why didn't it work out?

      Thanks for your advice.

      Will my relationship end like that too? I really like her!

    • I don't know what your relationship is or will be like. Mine was with an older female soldier who was at the same training course I was taking. We enjoyed our relationship but we both knew we'd be sent different places in a few months. So we set it up from the beginning as a temporary thing and there were no hard feelings when we went our separate ways.

      Like I said. It all depends on what the two of you are looking for and willing to offer in a relationship. Only you know that.

  • Dude, go out with the woman then. You're an adult. You can date who you want. Like the others said if you still live with your mom she may get upset but she has to understand you're an adult, you like each other, and if you're happy she should be happy for you.

  • You're an adult. Make your own choices.

  • You're 18, you can officially tell your mom that who you date isn't her business.