Ladies/Fellas What would you do in this situation?

Ok, so I met this girl about 4 months ago. We like each other very much, and most of the time she's the one texting me.

Here's the problem...

Most of the time, she pushes me away by telling me things like, she's not going to have time to see me when summer comes. Or, that I'm not a stable guy (In terms of money, job). She wants to travel and all that, and she needs a guy that's in a good position. There's time where I might text her back as a reply from something she text me, and she won't text back, but when I go on FB I notice her status come up, and she's been talking with people on there. This usually happens a lot. She also talks to guys on there in a very flirtatious. I don't mention it, because I can careless, what I do care about if whether I'm wasting my time or not. I hate wasting my time on a girl.

Sometimes she's also talking to me about her ex and how much of an asshole he was. Yet, she tells me she had to call him to pick her up the other day, wherever she was. Clearly this shows, that no matter how much BS she talks about him, she still has feelings for the guy. I don't really reply back to her when she talks about him, but last time I was like... "you have a lot of guy friends,right?" You should talk to them about him. I said it in a jokingly manner, because I didn't want to offend her.

Then, there's days where she's like, I miss you and asking me to tell her how I really feel about her, but that she can't tell me how she feels about me, that she much rather show it in actions, and stuff like that.

I try to keep my distance, and not text her unless she texts me seeing how she is, but I don't know what's up with this girl. Like where are we going? She lives about and hour 40 minutes away, and we haven't even met up in like 2 weeks.

So ladies/gentlemen, what do you think? Stringer, Ego Booster, still confused about what she wants? Any advice?


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  • "she wants to travel and all that, and she needs a guy that's in a good position."

    Mannnn…fuck that. If she wants to travel, she has to be able to support herself and that passion. Girls like that piss me off. Grow a backbone.

    Anyyywho. She sounds awfully shifty. Either she doesn't know what she wants or is playing you, so I'd back off. Way too much drama and second-guessing to be worthwhile, imo.

    • That's exactly what I think most of the time. I can't be wasting my time traveling an hour away, paying gas and paying toll 4 times in one trip, if they're going to be like this. It makes no sense. Like I seriously don't know where this is going, and I'm starting to have my doubts already.

    • I don't blame you at all for having doubts. If I was a guy, I wouldn't put up with that, personally.

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