What are some signs that he is into you??

what are some signs that he is into you when you first meet

how often does a guy text or call you when he first meets you

How often should a girl text/ call when he first meets you

and why do guys sometimes ignore your texts than text you back three days later.

whens the best time to text/call a guy


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  • A guy will usually make it very clear if they like you. He will pursue you.

    As far as calling or texting. Texting is like leaving a voicemail. I wouldn't text until I hear something back. As far as how many times a day, I would rather pick up the phone and have a conversation. However, texting is pretty non-confrontational, so just starting out I would do whatever seems comfortable, but if I start getting sore thumbs I'll just pick up the phone.

    As far as ignoring texts. Again a text message is like voicemail. I try to answer a text within 3 hours no more than 24 hours. But some guys have different preferences or rules.

    As far as the best time to call a guy, it depends on the guy. I prefer anytime after 5pm but before 12am on weekdays and anytime after 11am but before 3am on weekends. But that is just me. How about you? (everyone is different)


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  • 1) There are a lot of signs, a few examples are:

    He will look at you and seems to be interested in what you are saying

    Smile at you often. Take initiative to get to know you more. Will ask questions about you. All these are too many to list but your intuition can tell you a lot. You can feel it whether he's into you or not.

    2) Some guys will take about more than 3 days to call you. Some guys will casually text you the first day after the date "to check you out". It's natural that most guys will not want to seem as a despo. There is no exact time. It varies. But don't make yourself wait for his call or message. Get your self busy with other stuff. Remember if he wants to call, he will call. If he didn't, he might "forget", just casually ask what is he doing. But don't throw him question like "Why didn't you call me ?" He might just tell you "He forgot" and think it's his fault that he didn't call/text you.

    3) Not immediately. Give yourself some time and at the moment, recall the memories that you have. Get busy with other things but when you started to miss him more, that's when you can start call/text him. Don't be pushy, you don't want to chase him off.

    4) Because he doesn't want to seem that he's waiting for your text. He maybe busy or he is just making himself busy and not drown into thinking about you and neglecting other stuff. He needs to go back to his own track before he can start to think what to do next.

    And also, he maybe planning what to say to you. Some guys are afraid of saying the wrong words. That's why the next time he talks to you, he hopes that nothing has gone wrong.

    As the above, it's in my point of view. Hope it helps.