How long is long enough for a guy to wait for a text reply?

I'm not playing games or anything. Just irritated. And in the process of trying to get over him. So, an hour? 3 hours? all day? He didn't reply my text till end of the day last week. I told him off because he replied to our group chat but not me. OK, I'm a little vengeful right now. Frustrated to the max with the way he treats me sometimes. We may not be a couple but we've been close friends for awhile. Anyway, I honestly don't know what I'll achieve by making him wait for my reply but I wonder what goes on in a guy's mind when a girl friend don't reply immediately. I've always replied him instantly so I'm putting a brake on that since it got me nowhere.


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  • Why don't you stop the games and just tell him that you're pissed?

    • I did. Now I just want to piss him off back.

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