If a coworker kissed you on the job would you tell your girlfriend?

Im asking because this happened to me. My boyfriend was kissed by a coworker and he only told me after his mothers boyfriend threatened to tell me. He wasn't going to tell me because it was a girl that was quitting anyway and he didn't want us to get into a fight. Noy. Hecalso said he had no part in it because she cornered him in the back room and kissed him. Do you think he was right or wrong for not wanting to tell me and why? Also do you think he was right or wrong for telling me and why? My last question is should this make me question the future and if something comes up like this or any other situations should I be worried he might try to hide them from me and should I be worried something might happen if this has happened?


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  • I wouldn't tell her if was insecure. I really wouldn't tell my family first...hhahaa wtf


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  • Knowing my boyfriend, he probably wouldn't tell me either (even though I'd want to know). I'd be wary of him in the future. In my mind, he had to have been egging her on somehow, right? She wouldn't have just kissed him if they acted professional around each other or didn't interact much. There had to at least been some flirting going on..?

    I'm sorry I don't mean to make you feel worse about it…just saying what would go through my mind.