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i like this guy. how do I get him on the topic to see if he likes me?


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  • Well, I don't know if this will work for him but what gets me on the subject is when I'm talking to a girl and she starts talking about relatioships and how most guys only want one thing. But depending on his moral standings that might discourage him because most guys <18 really are only interested in one thing, and I bet you know what that is. This sparks the conversation in me because I feel I stand out from most guys my age due to the fact that I want a serious relatioship not a meaningless fling.

  • Depends how well you know him.

    If you two are friends...just ask him if there are any girls in his life or any girls that he's interested in.

    If not friends...there isn't a "sneaky" way to go about it.


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