Should I date a guy from work?

I've worked with this guy (Bradley) for about seven months and from the start, I've always had a slight crush on him. As time went on, we would flirt and joke a lot. A co-worker of ours has noticed this and asked if I liked Bradley, I told him that I did so he told the Bradley like that I like him. This has caused Bradley and I to flirt and joke ALL the time and we send little hints to each other that we should date.

My best friend comes to visit me at work all the time and always tells me that should date Bradley. I've always thought that it wouldn't work out since he's told me that it wouldn't because he likes anime and I don't. (That's a weird reason not to want to date someone). Also, I tell him about all the guys at work that I think are attractive and he tells me about the girls he likes.

On my day off, I went to work to tell Bradley a story about the previous night at work. After finishing the story, I told him I was going to leave but he kept telling me to stay until he was off. I decided to stay because it was only like 15 minutes. After he clocked off, we walked out together but I told him I was parked on the complete opposite side of the parking lot, so he said he'd drive me to my car.

We sat in his car and listened to rock music. I texted my best friend and told her that I was in his car and she told me to forget about the other guys I work with and go for him. I responded with, "But I don't like animae" and she said, "He'd kill you because it's spelled anime" so I cracked up laughing and he of course wondered what was so funny. I wouldn't tell him or show him the texts so all of the sudden he changed the music to some weird slow song. I changed it, then he changed it back and I attempted to change it again but he grabbed my hand and held it and began to rub my knee. I then realized that he was trying to make a move. I was really confused and kept laughing because I wasn't sure if he was serious. He kept looking at me. I kept laughing because I was nervous.

He's always told me not to date anyone from work so I told him that and he said, "That doesn't apply to me." He said he wanted to ask me something but he wouldn't until I showed him the text between my friend and I, so I did. He then asked me out, but I said that I wanted to go on a date first before being in a relationship. He was cool with that.

He drove me to my car and walked me to it and we hugged. I could tell he wanted to kiss me but I am not ready for that yet so I straight up told him, "I really want to kiss you but not yet." He understood and we drove off.

I'm worried now that he actually thinks we're dating. Also, I don't know if I want to date him because I don't want to ruin what we already have. Plus, we work together so I don't want to make things awkward at work. Should I date him?


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  • Jeez women do so much analyzing... Why try to make it so complicated? Go out on a couple of dates with him. If you want to take things further then take things further. If not then give him the whole "I just want to be friends speech." He'll be resentful initially but will get over it with time.

    • Us women tend to over think way too much, but I think it's sometimes a good thing. Thanks for the advice!

    • Well, since we men tend to think with our genitalia, it makes sense that you would pick up the slack! =)

    • Hahahaha funniest thing I've heard all day!

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