What does it take to maintain a teenage relationship (date wise)?

My parents are strict don't allow me to date until I"m 22 (srs). Of course, I never intended on waiting that long.

I am now 16 and I have finally received my drivers license. I've realized that if I were to date (behind my parents back) now, I would be only able to go on movie dates, and to restaurants, and mainly talk during school. But I wouldn't be able to sneak to dances, or to his/my house and such.

I'm not sure how to word this, I hope I'm making sense. But I'm not sure what it takes or if I have enough maintain a high school relationship based on my restrictions.

I know younger teens can get away with having a mainly school based relationship, but I'm not sure what extent this applies to a teenage relationship


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  • I am still in high school, and have completely abandoned dating.

    High schoolers have a tendency to be the worst in relationships, because of the high level of immature children and people who just want physical relationships. Also, a relationship that's carried out behind your parents backs almost never ends well. And about your parents, they can't tell you what to do after you turn 18. At that point, you are an adult and have the rights that an adult possesses. They have no power over you. If you really want to have a relationship, go for it, but I would advise waiting until you get out of high school.


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