What kind of kiss is appropriate on the first date?

So I'm going out for drinks with a friend from school that I've been casually seeing for a while, though we only just acknowledged any feelings and this is the first time we're going out just us 2.

We both like each other and I'm curious how I should kiss him as it's almost inevitably going to happen? I'm no stranger to kissing, but honestly I don't think I've ever kissed someone, it always has been a make-out. Would that be weird to do on the first date? If yes, then how do I kiss him? Would a peck on the lips be received as a polite rejection?


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  • Whatever you're comfortable with... I mean I've had sex on the first date and it was appropriate for us as a couple at that time. People external to the relationship might think otherwise, but what does that matter they have nothing to do with it.


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  • i agree with jonny. go with what feels right. I personally love to french kiss so that's what I do. whatever happens from there happens.

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