I'm no different from anyone else.

I think it's really disheartening that people will treat you bad because of your weight. I am not an ugly woman, I have a great job and friends that love me. I have not dated because of fear of people not caring about me. I care about myself and have had a weight problem since I was seven years old. I have had men say, no one else will want you like I'm supposed to run and be with them from the insult. I just wonder why some people are so concerned about what others will think if they date me?


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  • Some people are stupid and go around insulting other people for one reason or another. Those kind of people are to be avoided because they have no common sense nor empathy. They are egoistic. They are not turned in to what life is all about. They also have no heart. Fortunately, not all people are like that. Best to just ignore those people and feel sorry for them for their lack of brains and heart. I'm sure you're no different from anyone else. Whereas you have a weight problem, another person may have a different type of problem that's not as obvious as yours. Most people have a problem of one type or another or is struggling with something in life. You seem to be happy and have been fortunate to have a great job and friends that loves you. Many other people aren't as lucky as you are and I'm sure there's a good share of other people that are envious of you for that reason. Just go about your life the very best you can like you have because it seems to be working for you. Please don't hesitate dating if you have the chance because not all men prefer the same type of woman, and taking action is the one sure way to dispel fear. Let the light within you shine forth and always carry a smile on your face and live your life to the fullest. Good luck! :) . .

    • You are very nice. Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot.

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  • I think it's really disheartening that women will not date you if you don't "game" them and always be pushing towards sex.

    But hey, that's life, and so is the fact that when you're overweight, no, people will not be nearly as inclined to date you.

    You can either adapt to the rules, change your strategy to win, or go on the net and gripe about it.


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  • I find it very ignorant for people to judge based off weight. If those guys don't want to date you then move on to someone better, as long as you love yourself that's all that matters. You don't owe anybody an explanation for your weight, if they don't want to be friends with you then it's their loss. Just ignore them