Dating her friend. Good idea?

So I have been going out with Girl A for 8month

We both like each other but because she is going back to her home country, she rejected me as a official Boyfriend.

Her good friend Girl B. Is hitting on me. And of course I ask her out.

However, I believe Girl B told Girl A that me and Girl B is going out. That is why Girl A isn't talking to me anymore.

Is it such a good idea to date girl B? I mean I might look like an asshole to Girl A but we are not even a couple, how could she be so selfish and have me but not have me.


oh yea one more thing. When Girl A left back to her home country. Her friend Girl B started to hit on me


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  • You know the saying bros before hos? It applies here.

    It could be that since Girl A can't for geographical reasons pursue a relationship but her friend Girl B can, Girl A is backing off so she doesn't ruin their friendship or make Girl B jealous by talking to you.

    Of course another way of looking at it is that you are still into Girl A and are dating Girl B as an attempt to make Girl A jealous and realize what she is missing, or to stay on Girl A's radar. Which can come across as a little unhealthy.

    • Hi nice explanation. But what do you think of this.

      Girl B and Girl C was hanging out with me. Girl C knows Girl A and that Girl B and I are having something going on. Girl C told Girl A what happened.

      Why I think? Because there is no way Girl B will do this. She has everything to lose and nothing to gain. Now Girl B has no idea this would of have happened. Girl C on the other hand are not so close friend with Girl A so she has nothing to lose.

    • If Girl B didn't tell Girl A, but instead it was Girl C that told her.. I'd say that Girl A is probably confused, insecure and hurt. Plus who knows exactly what Girl C told her? Girl A may be hurt because her friend not only hit on someone she obviously really liked (you went out for 8 months!) but also that you and Girl B were hiding it. If she found out about it from someone else she may interpret the events of what happened as a little sketchy.

  • Well I think there's a girl rule to basically never date another's crush or say yes to him if he asks you out. I don't think you should go near that cause it's not only hurting your relationship with Girl A but also Girl A and B's relationship. Unfortunately Girl B got to Girl A before you did about it so she's going believe Girl B more than you. Girl B is cunning to hit on you and then tell Girl A so Girl B is either not a good person or there's some test thing going on so either way don't go out with her. :)

    • How could this be? She doesn't want me but I cannot have her friend who wants me?

      she can only pick one and can't have her way all the time tho

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    • It's not that Girl A doesn't want you she's just being realistic cause she's not in the same place as you anymore and it's not having her way, I understand that she will be upset that you asked her friend out when you already asked her out.

    • Girl B isn't tarnishing her friendship because she was cunning and hit on you to get what she wants and then tell Girl A that you asked her out, so she's basically gaining it all.

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